September 21, 2011


Photo on left, Lisa Hubbard; right, Patrick Cline via Lonny Mag

Hello Autumn.  So nice for you to drop by. Here are some cozy porches for a little Wednesday eye-candy. Fall is by far my favorite season and I cannot wait to sit out on our porch and drink coffee and hot chocolate by day, and a nice glass of wine by evening. Ahh… Fall.

Photo by Roger Davies

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  1. Simone says


    Are you OK? I check in regularly to see if there are new postings but it has been so long that I am actually a bit worried.

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    • Sidrah says

      Maria,Thanks for sharing ahonter beautiful blog with us…it’s absolutely gorgeous! You girls are such an inspiration.I look forward to your clock post -I have been for a clock like that FOREVER! Looks like I’ll have to venture out of Nebraska to find one. Hope all is well and yes, I would love to see how you decorate for fall. I don’t like to do the orange and browns so I look forward to your ideas – as always. :)Sarah

  2. once
    on a vacation as a child
    i was relegated to a screened in sleeping porch
    where i dreamed on an old daybed
    heaped with well-worn quilts

    i couldn’t wait to snuggle into bed every night
    in that special summertime place

    such fun memories brought back by your lovely photos.


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