June 15, 2011


If given a choice between practical and beautiful, I will almost always choose the latter.  Always.  It’s a sickness of mine that has led to a countless number of impractical decisions, including the purchase of our 9.2 cu. ft. SMEG.

It’s been one year since the little beauty arrived and while I absolutely adore it and want to use it forever, my better-half disagrees.  It took us a long time to actually do it, so in the event someone else is thinking about getting one, here’s what I think:

  • It’s small.  Really small.  Nine-point-two-cubic-feet-small. Keep in mind that the average American refrigerator is roughly between 19 and 22 cubic feet, so this little guy is less than half of this—it’s tiny!  And while we hardly have any processed food in our house (we’re nut jobs, I know), it’s still small even for the three of us.
  • The freezer is even smaller.  This part of it I actually really like, especially since our old freezer was usually just stocked with random things we were “saving” for later and would always end up throwing out in the end.  It forces you to really think about what you’re putting in there, in a good way.
  • The seal is temperamental.  We had done quite a bit of research and lots of people commented on the seals being too loose.  We actually find the opposite to be true—the seal is stronger than the refrigerator is heavy, so when you pull the handle, rather than opening the little guy, you end up dragging him a few inches instead.
  • There is a built-in wine rack that I think is both nicely placed (tucked snugly under a shelf) and nice to use.
  • There is quite a bit of storage on the door, and if you are condiment-hoarders like us, you’ll be plenty happy with the amount of space provided.
  • It’s adorable.  Seriously adorable!
  • We have a second refrigerator in our basement which holds all guest beverages—soda, beer, apple juice, sparkling water (I’m addicted to that stuff), etc., etc..  If you entertain a lot and keep loads of that stuff on hand, I’d think twice about this being your only refrigerator.  Without the extra one, we’d be hurting for space in a major way, especially when entertaining.

Having said all that, I have absolutely no regrets about buying it, but I know Nathan does—he feels it’s just a little too impractical for a family. I’m still blinded by it’s beauty so I feel great about the decision, even a year later, but I wanted to share my thoughts just in case someone else was considering one.

Note: We purchased this through sears.com and while our experience may have been a fluke, it was a complete nightmare.  It took months for it to arrive!  We were told they were in stock and ready for immediate delivery but that was not the case and customer service was completely unreliable.

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  1. charlotte says

    it’s a beauty alright. your post made me smile as in the uk that is considered a pretty big fridge :) i guess we just have smaller everything on our tiny island as there’s no space!

    • Kathy says

      Ha! I guess things are smaller over there! I love that! :)

  2. She looks like a charmer! My husband would never agree to it, but a girl can dream.

  3. Simone says

    I saw one of these in a black rubber finish. Very sexy!!!
    There is a bigger SMEG I have my eyes on with a freezer on the bottom (3 drawers) my hope is that we can turn the freezer into a zero-degree-celcius zone. We have one in our current fridge and it is absolutely great!!! Salade and veggies stay fresh an incredible length of time (a week). I was thinking lime-green.

  4. Helene says

    i have a smeg myself and it is a bit too big for me ;-), but i mine is a size bigger than yours. i guess you bought one of the smaller ones. simone discribed the biggest of the smeg fridges, this would be my dream fridge if i had a family. i didn’t notice it comes in black though, looks very sophisticated. still a good choice i would say, but hey, who’s taking? i’m only a girl who loves beautiful things…

    • Kathy says


  5. Rachel Kay says

    I would looove a Smeg eventually. They are such things of beauty. I don’t think the size would be much of an issue for us, our current fridge is tiny!

  6. Kathy, I’m so envious! I’ve been trying to talk my hub into letting me buy one for years! Maybe one day. Thanks for the heads up though. : )

  7. Melissah says

    I just discovered your lovely blog. I’m just new into blogging this year & have just finished off my own daily blog on fashion, food, travel & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  8. Teresa says

    Oh, beautiful retro style fridge! I hope to get an entire kitchen with vintage-inspired appliances one day. Preferably in mint green!


  9. sRa says

    i suffer from the same affliction that makes me highlight the pros of your so-so review and pretend the cons don’t exist. it’s SO pretty.

  10. EclecChic says

    Beautiful! and the pics are stunning… and lovely blog. María

    • Kathy says

      Thanks María!

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