August 4, 2008

Mark Roper

Some nice interior photos by Mark Roper:

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  1. stacy says

    Ohh…top right photo is beautiful, along with all the other photos of course.

  2. Julie says

    All I can do is smile and nod :)

  3. Like the mood in these images — so calm and peaceful. And also the little spots of sunlight.

  4. read me... says

    I really love the top two photos…

  5. beautiful! xo

  6. Teri says

    It’s been awhile since someone has posted a comment on these photos so I hope you read this… I love your blog, but especially love the photo of the Wellies by the Garden Gate. I can almost feel the Autumn Breeze! Great photos, now I want to decorate my home! Thanks!

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